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 Application for Apartment Rental:  Amber Apartments  1201 10th Avenue Safford, Arizona

Email this Form by submitting at the bottom of the page or print and fax to 520-423-3103


Should  you have any questions concerning the legality of this application or  any of it's components, contact your attorney.  This is intended to be a  legally binding agreement by and between the applicant and owner of the  premises being applied for.  Failure to comply with the terms and  conditions herein shall be construed as grounds for the forfeiture of  your deposit.  Subject to approval of this application, the lease/rental  agreement will be attached to the application, and shall be made a part  of the lease/rental by this reference.  Therefore, this application  shall survive the signing of the lease/rental agreement and shall become  binding on the applicant(s) and signatory below.  Amber Apartments is  authorized to investigate the credit worthiness, income and background  information and when applicable, the employment of the parties subject  to this application. 

                           Applicant represents that all of the above  statements are true and complete and hereby authorizes verification of  the above information, any references and credit records.  Applicant  also acknowledges that false information may constitute grounds for the  rejection of this application and may constitute a criminal offense  under the laws of the state. 

                           Once the application has been approved the  Applicant will deposit within 24 hours the security deposit which must  be in the form of a cashier's check or money order.  If the Applicant  fails to enter into the contemplated lease/rent prior to the move-in  date the Applicant's deposit shall be forfeited to the Owner.  Keys will  be furnished only after the lease has been signed and ll moneis due  have been paid in full.

                           Important:  Payment of the first month's  rent and security deposit must be in the form of a money order or  cashier's check.  ALL RENT IS TO BE DIRECT DEPOSITED TO THE CHASE BANK  TO THE DEPOSIT THAT A SLIP IS PROVIDED FOR.    In addition, notice is  hereby given that all security deposits are placed in an interest  bearing account of which Amber Apartments is the sole beneficiary.  $200  of the security deposit is non-refundable and is to be used by Amber  Apartments to clean the carpets.