Amber Apartments is Located at 1201 10th Avenue in Safford.  It is conveniently located in a quiet residential neighborhood within walking or biking distance to Elementary, Middle or High Schools.  It is also within walking or biking distance to a number of churches and within a convenient 5 minute drive downtown or to Home Depot and Wallmart.

The Amber Apartments were built in 1979 and are block construction.  They are quiet and spacious (approximately 800 Sq. Ft) .  They each enjoy 2 parking spots but because the apartments are built on a 2 acre parcel there is additional parking space at the back of the apartments. 

The apartments are single story and are built around a grassy common area which is kept nicely groomed.  The grassy area is used for recreation and provides a very nice open feeling at the back of your apartment.
Each Apartment has a back porch where you can have outdoor furniture or additional storage space. 

Each apartment is Air conditioned and we pay the water. 

There is a pet policy available, ask for it if you have a question regarding a pet. 

The apartments are operated by Robert and Linda Nelson who are the owners and attempt to serve their tenants as though they are family. 

Every effort is made to keep each unit in nice order and to respond to tenant needs quickly.

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