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The Amber Apartments were built in the heart of the residential  neighborhood in Safford Arizona in 1979.  The owner was a local  builder.  During the history of the Amber Apartments many family members  in the Safford Community have called it "Home".  In 2007 Robert and  Linda Nelson purchased the apartments from the family of the original  builders.  We are delighted to have a history of excellent tenants.  The  apartments are located at 1201 10th Avenue Safford Arizona.   Elementary, Jr. High and High School are all within walking or bike  riding from the apartments. There are several churches within walking  distance and Home Depot or Wallmart are about a 5 min drive.    We have a  pride in the upkeep of the apartments and attempt to serve our tenants  as though they are family.

THE APARTMENTS:   All units are 2 bedroom one bath 800 Sq. Ft. and air conditioned. Each  apartment has 2 parking spaces and a back porch that opens to a large  common area. We encourage you to decorate and use your back porch.

RENT:   The  apartments rent for $700. a month with a $450 deposit.  $200 of the  deposit is non refundable. We have a one year lease and do not rent  short term.  We pay for the water and the tenant is responsible for  other utilities. The apartments are all electric. 

Application Process:
            1.  Complete the application at the application  link with ALL information. Please include contact information on current  employer and landlord. Submit the application and it will come to us  via Email.

            2.  Linda will give you a call and answer any questions you  may have as well as arrange an appointment for you to see the  apartment. 

            3.  Take a look at the apartment, if you are interested in  the apartment, contact Linda and she will send you a link to have a  background check done.  It will cost $28 and can be charged on a card or  you may use a debit card.  The background information will come  directly to Linda.  If you work for an employer who requires a signed  "permission slip" to confirm employment, we will send you that page and  you will need to sign it and return it via Fax or Email. 

            4.  When I have completed your application background check  and you have determined to take the apartment, I will email a lease for  you to sign and get back to me, you will need to get your deposit into  the bank using a deposit slip from Carmen and then once you have your  full rent in the account, your keys will be released to you.  The  background check includes your credit history, evictions, convictions  and sex offences.  The cost of the background check is $28 through an  online service called Apply Connect.    Each person over 18 living in  the apartment will require a background check. 


OWNER POLICY:  We believe we are there to serve you and treat you like family. 

We have a pet policy - just make a request! 

Amber Apartments is an Integral part of the housing community.

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